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Many people contact us saying, "My company needs web site. How much will it cost me?"

Well, it's not that easy to answer. While some companies may offer "Packages" or a huge price per page, we believe that we should only get paid for the amount of time we work on your project.

It may be easy to say, "It will cost you $100 per page." That scheme is extremely unfair to the client. A page may take two hours to code or it may only take ten minutes. That is why we believe the best way to treat our clients is to charge by the hour.

Our rate is a flat $35 / hour for all our services.

If you need a general idea of what your site will cost with us, here is a quick example:

A small web site of 6 or 7 standard pages, including a contact form and search engine/directory submission will usually run in the area of 11 hours to complete. If you want more pages, have a lot of graphic work, or need some CGI programs added, it will take a little longer.

Feel free to look through our portfolio and inquire about the completion time of specific projects that match your own.


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